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Orokatsu (My Donkatsu), 20 minutes away from Ttukseom Station Exit 5, Bikers'let.
Orenokatsu is literally 20 seconds away from Biker Starlet
in Ttukseom Station(Exit #5).

After moving here in late August
There's always a line at lunch ...
We were curious now.
There's always a que during lunch hours
so we've been very curious about this little place.
The interior was very simple and Japanese interior with lots of colors and materials.
It had this very Japanesey feel to it, humble but warm.
This is the menu-order the raw tonkatsu which seems to be the most representative menu.
There is also a note saying that domestic pork is refrigerated without being frozen.
Menu says pork comes from Korea and they're never frozen meaning fresh.
From its menu we pick what seems to be the basic of the basics,
original katsu at 8500krw.
The cup you prepared was a paper cup :)
This is the paper cup they use.
On every table, you can eat fresh Himalayan pink salt on tonkatsu.
The Pink Salt - a.k.a. Himalayan Salt is available on all tables for katsus.

It was around 2:30 at lunch time, so I was busy.
Ordered raw tonkatsu came out.
It's past its peak lunch hours so the place is practically empty which is nice.
Here comes our Original Tonkatus.
For some reason, I remembered the famous Tonkatsu restaurant Anzu in Euljiro.
It was cheaper than the Anzu in terms of presentation and price but was as soft and juicy as the Anzu in taste.
I understand why you are lining up for lunch:)
The moment you bite into this you might even think of Anzu, the famous Tonkatsu restaurant in Euljiro.
The price and presentation may not be as high and stellar as theirs but the meat was as super tender and succulent as.
If you are looking for a good restaurant with good value for money at Ttukseom Station, I would recommend Orenokats.
I don't know the noodle menu yet, but the katsu menu is so soft and delicious!
If you're around the area and are looking for a reasonably priced nice lunch or meal
we strongly recommend this restaurant.
Tel 02-499-0323
47 Seongsuil-ro Seongdong-gu Seoul Korea
Fridays Friday 11:30-22:00 Break Break Time: 16: 00 ~ 17: 00 (LO 15:30)
Saturdays Saturday 11:30-22:00
Sundays Closed Closed Sundays
Monday thru Thursday Monday-Thursday 11:30-22:00 Break Break time: 16:00-17:00 (LO 15:30)